The samples below are written in the styles of various rappers. They do not represent actual clients.

Lil Wayne

Young Money boss, big as Rick Ross lady
Toast til I'm hoarse, then I horse til I'm swazy
Crazy - Nicki, Drake - go make a baby
Then raise him as a dope ass MC that'll pay me
Play me, I'm playing, jus saying that'd be crazy
Crazy as my life on the screen by Scorsese
Weezy F Baby and the F is for fellatio
Comin sideways I divide you like a ratio
Horatio, spacey flow, call me Martian Mathers
What's the matter Weezy? I don't think it matters
Average spread, head worse than elephant man
She wanna rent a dude like she cop a tan
But I ain't for sale - like degrees in jail
Nah I ain't for sail like canoes in gales - (ha!)
I bump like braille - fly high like mail – (wha!)
Or quails through hail - style fat like whale
41st psalm on my palm mang
Bible ink skin, I'm a livin sin – daaaang


Vision this, sapient species with the charmed life
Style frigid, stiff neck, yep, that chain iced
Cold as chains holdin slaves over waves in the night
First slaveship "Jesus" brought brothers to plight
So we fight subversively, Marvin say "mercy me"
Unite universally, now reverse history
We mix the sex with greed, power, lust and need
We sweat, we bleed for the day we lead
And in the dark we feed till we seed the globe
Bust back and then ascend till we win the gold
This is Jay at his most introspective, reflective
God speakin through me, change Hovi perspective


Now vision this, in the mist, planets line at dusk
Stars and space, landscapes of apes with tusks
By the moon there's rust from astronaut tombs
Back in QB the beast feast, police they consume
We fight wars til they build a new Babel on Mars
Then it's spaceships named "Jesus" sendin slaves to the stars
And you whine cuz yo car ain't nice as mine
But we both share the same hue, we human divine
Cuz when Esco and Jigga both share the same mic
Like Malcolm and King, type supreme bearing light

Rick Ross

Struttin like Biggie signed by Diddy in a private jet
Let em in, the veteran is finna get the scene set
Ciggy burnin shorter we been doin deals a long time
Choppin it like slumlords, money stinkin hog swine
93' Pinot wine sippin out a crystal glass
Traitor in our midst then I'm pullin somethin fast
Gators in the mist at my Everglade estate
Rib eye cut, rarest cut, stuck to my platinum plate
Fate once frozen now I'm basking in the sunshine
Grew from a rhyme to a villa in the summertime
Mind on an exquisite Latin dime I'm bout to visit
Her tan never Mystic and she always tongue twist it
Seven to refuel the plane, then it's direct to Spain
Baby bring ya A-game, never feel the same again
Maybach made interior, criteria superior
Crimson on the details leave ya iris feeling wearier
Inferior delirium make haters faces hard as oak
Golden tip shoelaces make the same haters choke


Love me girl or not, love me slow, jus don't stop
We could drop to the floor of my drop or the yacht
You look Photoshopped, I just mean you look hot
I might burn my lips on ya tongue, jus a thought
I'm tripping in a moment, this game I gotta own it
Style they wanna clone it, but I won't sell or loan it
Now it's me alone wit my pen on that poem shit
I usually don't smoke but tonight I got the bone lit
And I'm on my grown tip cuz she got them full hips
Cherry lip gloss got me lost, oh you so sick
I'm slow sorta stammerin, my flow sorta damaging
And my pitch bewitches cuz I blow til it's bandages
Said I slice bread til we all fed – sandwiches
And we can eat free at the spot my homie manages
Fame is like a flu that I can't shake or break through
Got me extra feverish and even got my wrists blue
That's ice if ya didn't know, nice cause I told ya so
Life always on the Go, collect, coppin houses whole