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Lyrical Exercise #2

Cam and MF Doom rapping about roller skating

Ayo I got my skates strapped, rollerbladin, hate that
Cruising round Harlem, and I don't need no street map
Smile at the pretty mamis, they like "hey hottie"
God on eight wheels, sex appeal, I'm God body
I got the purple ones, pink wheels, bubblegum
Laces made with satin, rule Manhattan, havin fun
I pop a figure eight, they like damn Cam you great
I pop a clip, aim at your lip if you tryna hate

Got the butter, did I stutter, shutter speed on the camera slow
To catch the blurred motion from this potent roller skating pro
Flow like my raps over Madlib lab tracks
Facts never fiction, your eviction from our skating pack
Cam got the guile, why they call him Giles, flashy styles
Move like magician, Christian, early, surly, extra wild
Yo, oh, ho, you couldn't hold a torch, no
Candle get dismantled, trampled, found fifty leagues below

Damn DOOM that's super deep, prefer skating to a Jeep
Catch me at the roller rink, mink coat, bringin heat
Baby girl, she likes to roll, shorts hug her ass yo
They way her cheeks pop make me lose my balance - woah