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Lyrical Exercise #4

Lil Wayne rapping his own version of Skeelo's "I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller"

I wish I was a lil bit iller - wish I was a killer
Wish I was guerrilla, Godzilla, Thriller
Wish I had a lil less swag so I could brag
In my Jag, yeea man, laid back in a doorag
Weezy why you do that, maaan who that cool cat
Wish I knew who my pops was, real bad, real bad
Wish I didn't get all these girls off the ransom
Wish I was like LL, girls cuz I'm handsome
Wish I had a grandson named Branson - I dunno
Wish I could flow like a young Mic Geronimo
Wish I wasn't locked in a cage like a gerbil
Wish I had it locked like Kaiser Soze Verbal
Wish that herbal was jus enough to fuk me up
Wish that this sizzurp ain't lovely in a cup
Wish my dick ain't addict like a cancer stick
Have em coming round nonstop like a fiend chick
Wish I knew Guru before the homie passed
Wish that the Zulus had brought in some giraffes
Wish that Nicki and Drake would make a baby
I'd raise him to the best MC that would pay me
Wish I was like Jay-Z, yea an icon
Oh yea, wish I was tall and could ball like Lebron


Lyrical Exercise #3

Gettin my Andre 3000 on...

ANDRE 3000
Notes was strewn across the room, mind open like a womb
I'm in back of ya, lady Dracula, now she's risen out her tomb
Zoom microscopic topic to discuss is love and trust
Met a lady from Atlanta called Ms Santa selling dust
Thunder bolt volts the antidote to the anti dope I bus
With the musk of mammoth tusk rust spaceship doors plus whores I thrust
Trust in G-O-D, only heaven up above me
So it's clouds that wanna hug me, angel shrouds they wanna slug me
Now I'm back down to Earth, Andre this is your self worth
Combined with lines divine make sublime feel like your birth


Lyrical Exercise #2

Cam and MF Doom rapping about roller skating

Ayo I got my skates strapped, rollerbladin, hate that
Cruising round Harlem, and I don't need no street map
Smile at the pretty mamis, they like "hey hottie"
God on eight wheels, sex appeal, I'm God body
I got the purple ones, pink wheels, bubblegum
Laces made with satin, rule Manhattan, havin fun
I pop a figure eight, they like damn Cam you great
I pop a clip, aim at your lip if you tryna hate

Got the butter, did I stutter, shutter speed on the camera slow
To catch the blurred motion from this potent roller skating pro
Flow like my raps over Madlib lab tracks
Facts never fiction, your eviction from our skating pack
Cam got the guile, why they call him Giles, flashy styles
Move like magician, Christian, early, surly, extra wild
Yo, oh, ho, you couldn't hold a torch, no
Candle get dismantled, trampled, found fifty leagues below

Damn DOOM that's super deep, prefer skating to a Jeep
Catch me at the roller rink, mink coat, bringin heat
Baby girl, she likes to roll, shorts hug her ass yo
They way her cheeks pop make me lose my balance - woah


Lyrical Exercise #1

in the style of Nas rapping as a first gen iPod jealous of iPod Touch

Uh... lord lord Jah... what I'm gonna do...
Uh... shhh... lord lord Jah... hook me up to iTunes...

Hmm, I gave you music, hymns, I'm bout to lose it
Cause my click wheel, grey screen, nah, you never use it
I stay collecting dust, metal plate collecting rust
Headphone jack bust, got that water damage musk
Heard you got new lover, drape her in a plastic cover
Massage her smooth skin like Whoopi and Danny Glover
Old enough to be her mother, but I'm jealous of my own seed
Sexing with boss Jobs now I'm just a plate for weed
Remember my debut in 02, it was beautiful
Camera's flashin, oh the passion, high fashion suitable
For any event, I had to repent, the fame had me buggin
I was losin all my data, my revisions in the dozens
Now you got full color, full motion, spread emotion
Of envy, can't ever be - half of your commotion
An ocean of innovation separate me from you
But I'm the OG, original, and you just version two


September / October Press Round Up

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