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Rap Rebirth Interview with Refined Hype

Check it out!! Big shout out to Nathan over there for making this happen!



The Earth Shattering Genius of Jay Electronica

There's something very special about Jay Electronica. He's that rare one of a kind musician that only comes along once in a decade. What I love about Jay's music is how unique it is. He mixes complex lyricism with pantheistic spirituality and puts it over breathtaking beats. There's also a little social commentary and some classic hip hop bravado. It's the kind of talent that instantly grabs your attention and makes you ask "who the hell is this guy and why haven't I heard about him before." Well you might have heard his latest classic "Exhibit C" (currently getting modest radio play in New York, props to DJ Enuff for that), or maybe you heard his production last year on Nas' song "Queens Get the Money". Check out "The Pledge" where he raps over Jon Brian's score from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it's outstanding...


Hip-Hop’s Ghostwriters

Interesting article Gelf Magazine did a couple years back on ghostwriting in hip hop



History of Ghostwriting #2: “Ghostwriter” – Skillz

In mid-2000 the talented underground rapper Skillz (you probably know him best by his year end Wrap Up songs) released "Ghostwriter", a controversial song where he revealed he was a ghostwriter for several mainstream acts.

The original version of the song censored the names. However a rare recording of a live performance shows Skillz dropping actual names (a cardinal sin for ghostwriters). According to him they never paid and that's why he called them out.

Check out the original.

Mad Skillz - Ghostwriter (Censored)