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The Joy of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is surprisingly rewarding. Not only does it create a flexible lifestyle (you can ghostwrite from anywhere and all you need is a smart phone) but it also provides intrinsic rewards.

1. You get to express yourself in all new ways. When you ghostwrite you can write about things through another person that you normally wouldn't through yourself. Case in point: When I ghostwrite for a gangsta rapper I can become Martin Scorsese directing a crime drama. It's something I couldn't rap in the first person.

2. You learn about people. As a ghostwriter people tell you about the most intimate details about their lives. It's immensely interesting and rewarding to learn about different walks of life.

3. You help people express themselves. When an client receives lyrics that are a perfect fit they're ecstatic and they let you know. They get one step closer to reaching their dreams or cementing their legacy. It's a good feeling to be a part of that.

4. You get to collaborate. Often clients come to me with amazing concepts that I'd never think of on my own. It's exciting to put my lyrical skills in the framework of their concept. When great ideas meet technical skill the results can be amazing.

5. You have an excuse to listen to lots of music. This is my favorite. Part of my job is to be up on the freshest hip-hop tracks. I'm constantly combing blogs and YouTube listening to new songs and new artists so I'm up to date on what's hot. For someone with a love a of hip-hop this is a joy.

The joy of ghostwriting